Director Laszlo Katko and Laszlo Katko, Jr.

Good Samaritan Children’s Charities

Laszlo Katco w/ girls

Laszlo Katko, Sr. was one of the founders of the Home and as an electrical engineer, helped construct  it in 1995. A dynamic force in the village and region, he has steered the Home towards self sufficiency and provided jobs for up to 30 locals.  The Home has fields and farms across the region and produces wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, dairy cattle and dairy products, hogs and pork products, vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes,  and fruits, including cherries, apples, and plums. They have nearly 50 bee hives on the grounds. Katko regularly supplied meat, bread, and fresh vegetables to other orphanages, hospitals, and people in need and has built schools, churches, and public buildings throughout Transcarpathia.  He is affectionately known to the girls as Lacibasci, or “Uncle Laci”.

In 2018 he was succeeded by his son, Laszlo Katko, Jr. who has carried on the tradition of quality care in a Christian atmosphere for the girls at the home. As the times change, newer challenges arise for which Katko, Jr., is well suited.

Good Samaritan is home to over 65 girls between the ages of 3 and 24. The girls typically live in rooms of six to eight. Most attend school in the village at the local  government school. Some select students attend the regional gymnasium (advanced studies) and board there during the week. The girls with disabilities attend school at the home - this is the only government subsidy the home receives. All expenses of the home and the farm are covered through operating profits or contributions. The Hungarian and Dutch Reformed Churches are major sponsors along with other Dutch and American groups. The girls have a full range of activities and are active in village live such as festivals and school events .They have a computer lab, physical fitness room, bikes, a swimming pool, soccer field and playgrounds at the home. There are full time nurses, an on-site dental clinic established by Dr. Donn Mettens and SARA, and medical care is provided by the Christian Doctor’s (Luke) Clinic in Mukacheve. The Katkos’ efforts, with the help of dedicated contributors and volunteers,  have made Good Samaritan the exception to Ukrainian children’s homes.

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Traveling to GSCH


Good Samaritan Children’s Home is located on the western edge of Ukraine in the Transcarpathia region, west of the Carpathian mountains. Only included in Ukraine since 1947, Nagydobrony is a Hungarian speaking village organized around the Hungarian Reformed Church. It is easily accessed by flying to Budapest, Hungary and traveling by train to Zahony and crossing the border to Chop on the Ukrainian side. The Home is about 12 miles east of Chop. Train tickets from Budapest to Zahony can be bought online (, the ticket for Zahony to Chop is purchased locally for a dollar or two at time of departure. Service Zahony to Chop is limited—be sure to coordinate the two. Or a taxi can be arranged from Zahony to the home but the border crossing can be a delay by car.


Alternatively, guests can fly to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, take a “yellow bus” for a small fare (can reserve on-line) to the train station, Vokzhal. Recently a very convenient train began service directly from KBP to the Vokzhal every half hour for only three dollars.The overnight train to Chop or Uzhhorod is $30 to $50 ( First-class compartments accommodate two persons in good style. If traveling alone, a second ticket is cheap travel insurance of a comfortable trip.