Good Samaritan Children’s Charities

Supporting Good Samaritan

Children’s Home of Nagydobrony, Transcarpathia, and

Otchiy Dim (Father’s House)

Children’s Home, Kyiv,Ukraine and

Allied Hospitals and Doctors since 2009

Specific Programs (click any heading for details)


Centre for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation

Help a parentless child, restore a generation and unlock the future…


Steps to Independence

One of the most important tasks of Father’s House is to prepare young people who have lost parental care for an independent and integrated life in their community…


Mother and Child Together Centre

The aim of the Mother and Child Together Centre is to prepare expectant and new mothers for childbirth and parenthood….


New Family Centre

The New Family Centre promotes and facilitates the adoption of orphaned children into new families….


Family Care Centre

The importance of family life is central to the Father’s House approach…. 


Treasure Island

For the past 20 years, Treasure Island has formed an important part of the Father’s House rehabilitation program…..


Father’s House Independent School Project

To overcome bullying, crowded classrooms, lack of remedial instruction, and impersonal planning Father’s House started schooling children at the home. The state now says they must have a separate building. A nearby 95% constructed mansion with a large lot is for sale….