Good Samaritan Childrenís Charities

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Childrenís Home of Nagydobrony, Transcarpathia, and

Otchiy Dim (Fatherís House)

Childrenís Home, Kyiv,Ukraine and

Allied Hospitals and Doctors since 2009

Fatherís House currently schools over 50 children of all ages. The childrenís schooling is a critical element in rehabilitating each at risk individual to be healthy in all aspects and prepared for adoption or life outside the home.

Fatherís House School Project

Fatherís House could have the first Christian school in Ukraine to receive state funds.

The state has been unable to provide a suitable environment for at risk children to learn because:

 The student to teacher ratio is 37:1

 Many children have remedial needs

 At risk children are physically and mentally bullied by other students

 Over-crowded school operates 3 shifts per day, 8am to 9pm

Fatherís House took on the challenge of educating their own children in order to:

 Reduce the student teacher ratio to 8:1

 Bring each child up to grade level

 Provide a safe and caring network of teachers, nurses, and psychologists

 Operate in normal hours

Fatherís House

Future Rehab/

Social Center

Future School

1.1 km,

12 min.walk

The state first embraced this relationship but has now taken the stance that the school must be in a building separate from the living quarters. Once that happens the state will supply the operating funds for the school. A would-be mansion is deserted and available for purchase within a 11 minute walk of Fatherís House. Funding for the $80,000 initial purchase, plus renovation, has been promised contingent on securing the purchase through a down payment of $10,000.