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Traveling to GSCH


Good Samaritan Children’s Home is located on the western edge of Ukraine in the Transcarpathia region, west of the Carpathian mountains. Only included in Ukraine since 1947, Nagydobrony is a Hungarian speaking village organized around the Hungarian Reformed Church. It is most easily accessed by flying to Budapest, Hungary and traveling by train to Zahony and crossing the border to Chop on the Ukrainian side. The Home is about 12 miles east of Chop. Train tickets from Budapest to Zahony can be bought online (, the ticket for Zahony to Chop is purchased locally for a dollar or two at time of departure. Service Zahony to Chop is limited—be sure to coordinate the two.


Alternatively, guests can fly to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, take a “yellow bus” for a small fare (can reserve on-line) to the train station, Vokzhal. The overnight train to Mukacheve is less than $30 ( First-class compartments accommodate two persons. If traveling alone, a second ticket is cheap travel insurance of a comfortable trip.

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Director: Laszlo Katko, Sr.

Asst. Director: Laszlo Katko, Jr.

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