Good Samaritan Children’s Charities March 2016

I traveled to Ukraine March 01 to March 22 visiting hospitals and the Good Samaritan Children’s Home of Nagydobrony. Toured Amazov National Cardiac Surgery Center, Kyiv, with the Head Doctor of the Clinic, Sergiy Siromakha. The building is older but in good repair. One half of the operating theaters have been recently refurbished and new patient monitors purchased with funds donated in the past year. Patients are in wards of up to 20 in the case of bypass recipients. They still struggle to find many of the daily necessities and special supplies: there were at least 5 patients waiting surgery for dissecting aortic aneurisms but the grafts—$10,000usd each—have not yet been purchased by the Ministry of Health. No one knows when or if they will be available.


In Mukachevo we were able to deliver a six month’s supply of sutures to Yuriy Demyan, Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Children’s Hospital. The retail cost of these would be about $2000 but were bought through government surplus sales for about $600. They likewise struggle to find common supplies. Demyan lacks only an arthroscopic shaver to complete his arthroscopic setup. We have located some rebuilt models for less than $3000usd and hope to raise that in the very near future. Demyan did extensive surgeries on one of the younger girls from the home who was struck by a car and suffered severe injuries to her foot and leg. She is in an external fixation frame and healing well.


Spring is on its way!!


Delivery of beds and foodstuffs to the mental hospital in the Carpathian Mountains and three little piglets. God only knows how they slept through the potholes.


Seed potatoes were allowed to begin sprouting weeks ago and are now ready to be planted. 12,000 actually went in the ground March 14. Katko looks over the cucumber plants that are already beginning to flower. These high tunnel plastic greenhouses are lined with a second layer of plastic and the soil is kept warm by the recirculating hot water pipes that are heated by the high efficiency wood furnace. They can grow as many as five crops a year by this method.


They grow up so fast!!


Barbara Scsoka tied the knot on March 16th!

Katko looks on as Barbara formally leaves the home with the wedding host and says farewell to all her friends prior to the ceremony.


Barbie, 2008


Niki and Suzika enjoy the wedding banquet!


Good Samaritan Children’s Charities Projects 2016

Dr. Siromakha, Amasov Clinic, passed on information about a philanthropic group in Cleveland that supplies free medical equipment and supplies ( for the cost of packing and shipping. The problem is that, to combat corruption, the receiver in Ukraine is responsible for all manifest items forever. If you get junk or stuff you can’t use, you still have to keep it. It is critical to know what is going into the container are things you can use. We will be traveling to Cleveland soon to explore the benefits of this agency for the Ukrainian hospitals.

Laszlo Katko, Director, GSCH, is always conscious of the home’s energy usage. It is a primary expense and is becoming more expensive all the time. In past years they have reinsulated all the exterior walls, installed solar heat units, and high efficiency wood burning furnaces. The homes windows are 20+ years old and need to be replaced. They were the best they could buy back in 1995 but the quality was still not comparable to western standards. There are 7 windows on each side and four in the front of the main building. Projected cost is $5000. The windows they take out will be rebuilt and re-purposed. The side windows are direct access to the girl’s bedrooms.

             This spring a new woodshed will be constructed allowing all the wood for furnaces to be stored under cover thanks to a generous gift received during the Christmas season.