Good Samaritan Children’s Charities May 2016


I returned to Ukraine May 03 to May 19 re-visiting hospitals and the Good Samaritan Children’s Home of Nagydobrony. Met twice with Amozov National Cardiac Surgery Center, Kyiv, Head Doctor of the Clinic, Sergiy Siromakha. Dr. Siromakha had brought, Cleveland, OH, to our attention in March. We submitted an application for GSCC to be a recipient of donated supplies and equipment and were approved by MedWish. I traveled to Cleveland in April and met with Britta Shaffer, Humanitarian Aid Coordinator, to become acquainted with their facility and services and begin to plan how to best serve Ukrainian hospitals. I acquired about 20 pounds of instruments, sutures, syringes and other supplies to use as samples during this trip. The samples were a great hit with both Dr. Siromakha and Dr. Yuriy Demyan, Head of Orthopedics, Mukachevo Regional Children’s Hospital. Dr. Siromakha used the instruments just last week in open heart surgery to repair a congenital defect in a newborn weighing less than 5 pounds. We are working together to refine and match his “wish list” with supplies available through MedWish. More on that later...

        Dr. Siromakha and his Head Surgical Nurse with sutures donated by GSCC through, Cleveland, OH

Spring is here!!


On March 14, Katko looks over the cucumber plants that are beginning to flower. By May 14 the harvest was in full swing. The second layer of plastic necessary in winter has been removed and heat is no longer needed. The 12,000 potatoes that were planted in March are vigorous plants. Strawberries from the greenhouse are about finished just as the field plants are starting to ripen. Machinery for the wheat harvest is being overhauled and made ready.

Your Gift and Support Makes a Difference!


Top right: Instruments brought to Ukraine the week before are laid out for sterilization along with a display of sutures donated by GSCC.


Right: Dr. Siromakha, center, prepares for surgery to repair ductus arteriosus on newborn weighing less than 5 pounds.


Above: Photo of the actual surgery using instruments donated by GSCC.



Dr. Demyan w/ new arthroscopic shaver

In Mukachevo Yuriy Demyan, Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Children’s Hospital and his Head Surgical Nurse display the Styker TPS Shaver System purchased by GSCC with the generous gifts of donors that completes their arthroscopic set up. It was an international effort as different components came from Austria and other countries.


UPDATE: The young girl from GSCH who was struck by a car in January and needed several surgeries had the external fixation frame removed a week ago and is now in a plaster cast for three weeks before starting rehab. Great work, Dr. Demyan!

An International Effort