MedWish and Good Samaritan Children’s Charities’

Hospital Relief Project 2016




MedWish receives major contributions of supplies from large hospitals, clinics, and medical suppliers. They make these supplies available at very low cost to approved humanitarian organizations. GSCC was approved in April and I carried a suitcase full of instruments and supplies to Ukraine in May. The hospitals in Ukraine are filling out “wish lists” in anticipation of our shipping a 20 foot container full of supplies. We work with hospitals I know and have a personal relationship with to make sure that everything that goes there is used to the benefit of the patients at no cost to them.

Text Box: MedWish is dependent on volunteers to sort and catalogue supplies and often has a backlog waiting to be sorted, therefore if we wish a large quantity of any one item it may take some time to accumulate the amount.
IMG_7066IMG_7062IMG_7059Text Box: Simple supplies such as sutures, instruments, caps, gowns, gloves, drapes, IV tubing, chest drains and myriad other disposables are all in short supply. The budget for Ukrainian hospitals is only about 10% of what it should be since the Russian invasion has sapped government resources and stricken the economy. Highly dedicated and qualified surgeons and other medical personnel have the training and motivation to provide excellent care with the proper equipment and supplies. Even the simplest donated item frees up cash for other hard to find items. All MedWish supplies are checked for sterility and have at least on year expiration left. 

The Math:
Cost of Container: 	 	$1600
Fee to MedWish:   	 	$5000
Freight to Ukraine:  	 	$5000
Incidentals/Unknowns:	$2400
Total Cost:	          	        $14,000
Text Box: A 20 foot container holds 10 pallets. The value of medical goods could exceed $100,000. Many charities only distribute a fraction of your dollar. We will multiply it six, seven, even ten-fold.
Letter from Dr. Sergiy SiromaknaText Box: MEDWISH