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Allied Hospitals and Doctors since 2009

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Transitional Housing (completed November, 2014)


One of the problems facing the home became more acute as many of  the girls there since the opening in 1995 were now approaching 17-18-19 years of age in 2009.  This is the only home and family many of them have ever known. Many will get married but even they do not have the life skills for cooking and other facets of independent life. They had no where to go and there is not enough room to allow younger girls to enter the home.


Dental Equipment


The dental equipment in the Home’s clinic is old and unreliable. We have had new and used replacement equipment packed and ready to ship for more than five years but were not sure we could gain entry under the previous corrupt system. Ukraine 3000 says they are able to bring the shipment through Lviv….


Mobile Clinics


The war in the east has caused over 800,000 persons to leave their homes.  Most left with nothing more than they can carry. We propose to build, equip, and ship mobile dental / medical clinics….


Medical Supplies


The story was the same in every hospital. Budgets for hospitals have been cut to 20% because of the war. Inflation and devaluation of the hryvnia reduce the hospital’s purchasing power to about 7%.....