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Kyiv 2015

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KHERSON, July 6-12


Traveled from CVG to CDG to KBP on July 5-6. After arriving in Kyiv, took domestic flight to Kherson on the Dnipro River near the Black Sea. Flight was delayed, first by suspension of boarding due to weather  - brought bewilderment to passengers as only appeared to be a cloud (photo). Then plane’s computer didn’t work so we had to change planes. Ended up 2 hours late. In the meantime, Irina was on a taxi-bus from Sevastopol and it was turned back at the new administrative border with Crimea - Russians just decided to close for some reason—so she was a day late arriving after a night in a hotel with 6 people.

Kherson is a very nice small city. Very clean, wide walkways along the main street - Ushakova Blvd. There are many parks that cater to kids with mini-cars, bounce houses and all sorts of kid friendly play grounds. A vibrant central market area with meat and cheese inside and everything imaginable in outside stalls from hardware to fishing equipment, spices, clothes, and home furnishings. Modern supermarket is also available and an 850,000 sq.ft. modern mall - Fabrika - with all the most up to date stores and fashions. Also restaurants, a food court, cinema, bowling and game area. With malls failing in America, it is hard to imagine how the Ukrainians support this massive mall with average incomes of $5000 or less?

It was interesting to take Irina to the train station where she met her taxi-bus for the trip back. At 6am busses were pouring in and unloading people from the outer regions with sacks full of produce and anything else they might hope to sell. It was incredibly alive. I couldn’t help but think, “If you sold all you could carry, how much would you have at the end of the day?”