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Text Box: Nagydobrony Good Samaritan Reformed Children’s Home

Director: Laszlo Katko, Jr.
120 Csongor Str.,
Velika Dobron, 
Zakarpatska obl., 
UA-89463 Ukraine 

Phone: (+380)-31-2714-397 
 Skype: reformatusgyermekotthon 

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Kyiv 2015

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Trip Report March 2016
Trip Report May 2016
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(Father’s House)

Ochiy Dim

(Father’s House)

Children’s & Family Center


President: Dr. Roman Korniiko


Сentralna St.,118, 


Kyivo-Svyatoshinskiy Distr.,

Kyiv Reg.Ukraine, 08141


+38 044 239-13-34

+38 073 239-13-34



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Video of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s visit to Otchiy Dim. (2020)   In Ukrainian but first 1 1/2 minutes are worthwhile.


Natalia Chesnova’s history of fleeing Lughansk in 2014 prepared her for the Russina invasion of 2022. She and director, Roman Korniiko, stocked food and “go bags”, arranged transportation, and verified children’s documents before the invasion. It didn’t all turn out according to plan - not at all! But because of their pre-planning 219 children and 41 adults from three orphanages made it to safety in Freiburg, Germany. Read the full narrative at the left. For more photos of Freiburg, click here. Photos of the devastation of the village Sviatopetrivske, on the outskirts of Kyiv, where FH is located are below, with more here. FH is unscathed at this point but the surrounding area is decimated.